PACK YOUR RUNNING SHOES ... and go with me on an adventure

Hi, I’m Joanna, an amateur runner from Melbourne, Australia.

They say it’s never too late to start something new, and well, whoever ‘they’ are I think they’re right. I started running 6 moths after turning 40 and it was one of the the biggest discoveries of my life so far.

Am I too late? I don’t think so. I have the advantage of my life experience and totally not caring about what people think or see when I run. I don’t run to get over any obstacles or fight with sickness. I am just an ordinary wife and mum that likes to run and have a couple of hours of me-time every now and then.

It all started on a sofa, on one wintery evening (exactly Sunday 14 June 2015) watching something that I can’t even remember on telly. And there it was... an advertisement for Run Melbourne. Something just clicked in my head. “Running? Oh, I remember, I was pretty good at it somewhere like 25 years ago. Could I run now?” Somewhere inside me I thought I could. Quick check on the internet and I got all excited... and a little bit cocky...

5km? “No, too short, too easy.”
10km? “Looks good, long but not too long, ideal just to prove to myself that I can do it.”
21km? “No way!”

Next day I bought my first ever pair of running shoes, signed up for Run Melbourne 10km run, downloaded 7 weeks zero to 10km training plan from the internet and all the craze began...

Then, of course, I realised I can barely run a hundred meters. That was quite a surprise. In my mind I was running like a gazelle. In reality I felt like an elephant. Could’t catch my breath or move my legs... but kept trying, and trying, and trying... On 30th of July finished 10 km Run Melbourne in 63 minutes and couldn’t be prouder of myself.

Three months later I ran my first half-marathon, then 4 more in the following year and many other shorter races. 14 months since I started running I finished my first full marathon, Melbourne Marathon, and almost straight after... signed up for Singapore Marathon.

After this last traumatic as much as uplifting experience I decided to start a running blog. I read a lot, mostly about running of course and follow lots of blogs, but well, I can't relate to girls in their 20’s or even 30’s or to people that have been running their whole lives. I don’t have this kind of body or attitude any more. I just started and I’m over 40. I’m not glamorous and don’t need to gain confidence. Also, I totally don’t want to find a guy while running a marathon. I am happy with my husband, thank you very much. And I definitely don’t want to break any world records.

I just want to compete with myself and with this ‘aging’ whatever it means. I want to push myself and my body as far as I can, be strong and adventurous... oh yes, that too. I don’t want to just run... I WANT TO RUN ALL AROUND THE WORLD and see the cities the runner’s way, at sunrise, when streets are closed to traffic and most people are still asleep.

I have started already and let me tell you, if I can do it you can too. You don’t have to be super fit or fast, or rich, just be persistent, humble and want it really, really bad... so...